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Our bot will automatically like, follow and unfollow relevant users.

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Safe automation

Instagram bots are a great tool to engage with a larger audience and get more followers fast, but using them the wrong way can hurt your brand. And get you banned.

At capygram
we use bots the safe way.

Our bot algorithm emulates human behaviour and the settings are optimized to avoid getting banned.

How does it work? 🤔

When you like or comment on somebody’s Instagram pictures, they usually come back and do the same. Once they see your profile, some people will realize that your content is relevant to them and will follow you.

Doing this manually can be time consuming, and that’s where automation tools and instagram bots come in hand. Our bot will like pictures based on the relevant hashtags that you set up, ensuring that the followers you'll get are relevant to your brand.

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Easy to setup

Just set up your account and choose your hashtags to get started.


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